Yandere Simulator Review

Yandere simulator is a cool game and the initial reviews of the game are very fascinating. The game will be officially launched soon but still download yandere simulator there are many fans of the game.

It is only said that the game will be released on Windows platform but the developers are also planning a mobile version of the game.  The game has a unique interface and new story line that attracts a lot of people. The jealous schoolgirl has to win her love by manipulating others and killing the people the people that comes in her way.

The rivals can be defeated by different ways and yandere also has to keep a good disguise or else she will be caught. She needs to cover all the aspects and make sure that no one suspects her. She takes help from the info-chan that helps her to gather information about all the people around Senpai.

Features of Bus Simulator game

Bus Simulator is bus simulator 2016 the game with many maps with the incredible vehicles with the wonderful interior that makes the player to feel like he is driving the real bus. It is the time of getting at the board and to drive a bus that completes other routes. The next gen graphics are the animations of the people, double or school bus. The game includes realistic maps, 15 buses, close or open door button, the animated people that exists or enters in a bus and the custom weather condition found in the Free Ride mode.

The game has steering buttons, tilting controls and the steering wheel. The inside is detailed and there is an intelligent traffic system. The player is able to challenge his friends to get the online rankings. The game has different options which are the long bus driver, winter bus driver, English bus racing and bus driver weekdays. The game options ensure that you never get bored.

Duck life Hacked Game

Although there are so many great things about the Duck Life game, but the fact that the players can train their duck in different ways by playing different mini-games is simply amazing.

Once the duck is able to win a race, she earns some reward points, the player can use these reward points to buy a new hat for the duck or purchase an egg that can be used to hatch a new duck.

Unlike some other role-playing games, which at times can be play duck life 4 very nerve-racking, the Duck Life game is very attractive and challenging for the new players and it offers enough depth to keep the most experienced ones interested all the time.

Duck Life by MoFunZone Inc. is more than just a duck racing game; it is an online flash game sensation that can keep you hooked with your smartphone or smart device for hours. If you want to try it, you can get the free version of the game, but the free version is limited to only a few levels. If you like playing this game (which you sure will), you can get the paid version from the App Store for only $0.99 and enjoy more levels and more features.

Trollface Quest 3 – Test Your Problem Solving Skills

People who played Trollface Quest 1 and Trollface Quest 2 anxiously waited for the third sequel to the game and finally it was out. Trollface Quest 3 came with the same concepts, the same graphics, the same controls but troll face quest better challenges which required better problem-solving skills.

Trollface Quest 3 came with a lot of new puzzles and the game demanded “out of the box thinking” and the not-so-obvious way of doing things and solving puzzles. Besides the more challenging puzzles, Trollface Quest 3 also comes with a little better graphical appearance. The images and levels are more eye-pleasing as the developers have given them some color – http://www.freearcade.com.

If you do not like to listen to the music/sound you can always go the options menu and turn it off. You can also control the graphics quality by choosing low, medium or high quality.


Vex – The Different Obstacles

Some of the obstacles that you might encounter in Vex 1 are the spines, sharp and big gears, blocks and others. Be careful with spines they are everywhere to prickle you. Make sure not to touch them or it will be the end of the game. They may vex 3 appear on the right, on the left, under your foot or above your head so you need to be alert. There are instances that you need to lie down to avoid them. Once you are prickled you have to return to the nearest checkpoint and start again.

Another obstacle that you need to be aware of is the big and sharp gears.

These gears are always ready to crush you when they detect you coming. Make sure you avoid them or you will be crushed into small pieces. There are also gears found in the water. You need to learn how to maneuver away from these gears while in the water. You might have difficulty swimming away from these gears. Sometimes the water will suddenly sweep you near these gears and the next thing you know you need to start again from the last checkpoint.

Gunblood Online Flash Game – How to Get High Score

Gunblood is a western cowboy game and is the most popular shooting game in the Wild West. Aim your trusty revolver as quick as you can and accurately aim at your gunblood enemy and fire. Display your great reflexes in this game which is also available for Android. Join hundreds of duels with different opponents. Your great reflexes will help you win this game. The result of the game will depend on how fast you pull out your gun. Just wait for the signal then aim and fire at your enemy.

Aim at their head and heart to kill your enemies.

The game features minimalistic graphics, simple controls, different heroes and leaderboards. If you want to be the most feared gunslinger in the Wild West, simply exchange 6-shooter shots with your opponent. You can become the fastest drawer and the most accurate cowboy in the West. Gunblood has 9 levels and 4 bonuses. After each level you will need to complete interesting bonus before starting with the next level. You can increase your points with these bonus tasks. Use cheat codes to help you win the duels. These cheats will simplify the game and make you the most feared gunslinger.

Who can play the “learn to Fly” game?

All the learn to fly 2 computer based games are designed and developed to create the interest of the children who don’t want to go outside the home to play the games. It is up to the parents to provide them the resources to play the best game. Nowadays, many interesting games like “learn to fly” and many others are available on the internet to create the thrill among players. You don’t need to purchase any play station to play the game.

This adventurous game is liked by the children as it has simple but attractive rules, but some adults have also downloaded the game on their android phones so that they can play it in their free time and have fun. In short, the game has been designed for the people of all age.

Tips to play Earn to Die game

Beginners face difficulties while playing this game because they are not aware of the game rules. Some of the tips for beginners to play Earn to die game are play earn to die 2 given below

Do not care that how many zombies you killed because in game you are rewarded with cash on the base of distance you covered while killing zombies.

More distance you covered, more you are rewarded. Consider cash reward first and then car parts.

Don’t waste fuel while covering the distance from one destination to the other. If fuel run out then you will not cover the decided distance and you will not awarded with the game’s cash. So try to make a fast speed of your car.

“To accelerate the speed of the car” not means that you are making speed while going down from the hill. This game is about securing the resources therefore accelerate the speed of your car while going uphill. When you go down from the hill please slow down the speed.

The Popularity of Unfair Mario

If you check out the computer games popularity meter, Mario remains as one of the most played game for many years. The very first Mario game was released more than 20 years ago but it remains very popular. They are simply one of the well enjoyed video games of all time. Mario has definitely captured the hearts of many young and old alike. The popularity of Mario games continues with Unfair Mario.

Although Unfair Mario is considered as the most unfair game of Mario online, unfair mario its popularity continues. It is unfair simply because each level of the game is filled with traps and obstacles that you need to overcome to complete the level.