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Are you tired of worrying about who may be watching your traffic? Have you ever dreamed of being completely anonymous on the internet? Bouncing connections through multiple computers all over the world is no longer just something from a science fiction movie. It’s here and it works! This isn’t some proof-of-concept vaporware, this is a working solution and it’s ready to order.

Multiple challenges face those wishing to obtain absolute anonymity. One of the greatest is masking your IP address from the hosts you connect to. This has been solved by a revolutionary system, “onion routing”. Tor is a working implementation, open source and free to use by anyone. Connections from your computer are relayed through several “onion routers” until they finally exit to their destination. The exit points have no way of knowing where the connection originated. None of the routers know where you have connected, even though they helped relay your traffic!

As revolutionary as Tor is, it is still not perfect. It has a few weaknesses that are beyond the scope of the system. Also, configuring applications to connect with Tor can be frustrating. To overcome the few weaknesses that Tor has, the operating system must be redesigned specifically with Tor in mind. Application leaks, DNS leaks and other issues have to be taken into consideration.

Luckily, Tor Desktop does exactly this. It provides a simple zero-configuration interface to anyone wishing to become invisible online. Tor Desktop is specially designed with a firewall to only allow encrypted, anonymous Tor traffic to leave the system. Now you can easily use your favorite internet services anonymously without costly monthly usage fees.